We are working on cryptocurrencies mining using neuronal automation technologies.

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Ciphercraft Computational Research

We are researching about a branch of computer science that studies how to endow computers with capabilities of neuronal nanotechnologies: Cryptocurrencies mining, cipher cryptography, neuronal problem solving, and all about computer nanotech models. We are ONLY into the I2P network.

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Nanotechnology will let us Achieve the ultimate in precision: almost every atom in exactly the right place. Make complex and molecularly intricate structures as easily and inexpensively as simple materials. Reduce manufacturing costs to little more than the cost of the required raw materials and energy.

Neuro-education Another promising application of neurotechnology is education. Massive open online courses (MOOC) are already successful, yet the educational process will include the use of neural interfaces, and VR neural helmets will not only be used to study, but will also monitor the user's psycho-emotional condition.

Strong encryption keeps us secure It protects us from identity theft, from ransomware that locks us out of our computers, and from vast networks that would take control of our Internet-connected devices and use them to launch cyber-attacks.

Strong encryption means unbreakable encryption It is impossible to create a “back door” for government agents that cannot also be exploited by hackers, foreign governments, and other malicious actors.

Strong encryption saves lives. Vulnerable groups will have their safety compromised if services like WhatsApp and Signal are forced to build backdoors. Lawyers will lose client confidentiality, victims of police misconduct will be spied on, journalists unable to protect sources, and domestic abusers gifted new ways to exploit tech vulnerabilities to spy on partners.

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